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In May 2000, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited became the major shareholder and operator of the terminal.

It is a crucially important North Sea facility and a national resource, with an outstanding operational, environmental, and health and safety record. The Flotta Terminal has been in operation since 1976 and has made a significant contribution to Orkney’s economy and communities for more than 40 years.

Repsol Sinopec fully supports the industry’s transition to clean, green energy and a secure future for skilled oil and gas workers in Scotland and across the UK.

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This project would enable the terminal to be progressively transformed over time into a diversified energy hub where conventional oil and gas operations continue, co-existing alongside the development of a sustainable long-term green future for the facility.

The repurposing of Flotta will require retraining and upskilling the current workforce as well as the creation of long-term skilled jobs during both construction and hydrogen operations.

Scapa Flow is one of the largest natural harbours in the world, and northern Europe. Therefore, it presents an opportunity for ship-to-ship transfer operations and to re-purpose the water way to accommodate more clean energy transfers, helping to further strengthen Orkney’s blue economy.

(Credit Repsol Sinopec.)
A Repsol Sinopec worker
Flotta Terminal
Aerial view of the Flotta terminal showing the brown heather peninsula.
Flotta Oil Terminal - Credit Colin Keldie

The Flotta Terminal. (Credit Colin Keldie.)